Croatia is the country with the largest charter fleet in the world, and an enviable number of high-quality nautical marinas play a big role in this. Around the Croatian coast, there are approximately 60 marinas that offer over 16,000 berths, over 8,500 dry berths, and numerous additional berths in ports. But even more important is the fact that every year the services in the marinas improve to meet all the needs of modern sailors. Some of the examples that contribute to this trend are, for example, the opening of restaurants within marinas, which offer top-notch traditional cuisine. In addition, many marinas offer facilities with accommodation at the highest levels. Some of them are presented below.


This marina is one of the safest for mooring, preservation, and maintenance of yachts. The fact that it is the most trophy-winning ACI marina and the multiple winner of the “Flower of Tourism – Quality for Croatia” award speaks of its quality. It can also boast of being the proud bearer of the Blue Flag recognitions. This is also the only marina on the Adriatic that offers the innovative ACI Golf Range service to its guest.

The marina is open all year around and its capacity is 500 births of which 120 are dry. The marina is suitable for yachts up to 45m for daily berths and up to 40m for annual berths. ACI Dubrovnik has provided its users with all the necessary services - from the basic ones such as the reception desk with currency exchange, grocery store, ATM, and sanitary facilities that are adapted for people with disabilities, all the way to the technical service of the yachts, restaurant, swimming pool, and even golf courses.


The only Croatian marina designed for super yachts. It also belongs to the category of one of the safest marinas in Croatia, and its excellence has been recognized by the prestigious London Yacht Harbor Association. Mandalina Šibenik total capacity includes 440 berths, of which 30 are dry berths. Given that it is specially designed for superyachts, it can accommodate yachts from 10m up to 70m and with a maximum draft of 5.5m. This marina is located in the center of the Dalmatian coast and close to the historic center of Šibenik. It is open all year round and offers a whole range of useful services - from a shopping of globally known nautical brands, spa & wellness, and yacht club to facilities that offer a top gastronomic experience.


Marina Frapa Rogoznica, which many agree is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, has been awarded 15 times as the best Croatian marina. With its capacity, it is among the largest marinas in Croatia, and it has 462 berths at its disposal, of which 150 are in dry dock. Thanks to its great depth, the marina's water area is suitable for docking superyachts over 40m. Considering that this marina is also open all year round, it has all the necessary services for its users, such as 24-hour video surveillance of the yacht, a sports center, and a secured parking space for all yacht owners who have leased an annual berth.


This is the oldest and one of the largest marinas in Croatia. Marina Punat has won numerous prestigious awards, such as The Best Marina of Croatia and the first bearer of the Blue Flag in Croatia. These are all official acknowledgments of its quality and high standards. It is one of the most popular Croatian marinas and provides guests with everything they need to enjoy a relaxed nautical vacation.

The marina offers high-quality berths for yachts up to 40 m in length. It has also the possibility of accommodating yachts on the dry berths. The marina is open all year round, and since it is located in a small town on the island of Krk, it is ideal for all those looking for a peaceful vacation. Marina Punat also adapted its services to meet all the needs of modern sailors. Users can enjoy two a la carte restaurants, a sundeck with solar showers, an open-air pool with a lounge bar, and relax in an area reserved for open-air exercises and meditation. Within the Marina Punat complex, there are numerous accommodation facilities - from hotels and stone bungalows to floating apartments on the sea.

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" applies to each of these listed marinas! All that is left for us is to invite you to visit these locations and see for yourself what is written above. We guarantee you, it will raise the bar of expectations for your next vacation!

Author: Velimir Hlupić

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