It is one of our favorite spots in this part of the Adriatic, although their Croatian name might suggest that they got it from the word "Hell"


These days we are thinking more and more about Summer in Croatia. Our thoughts wander straight to the southwest coast near Hvar. It is one of our favorite spots in this part of the Adriatic, although their Croatian name might suggest that they got it from the word "Hell" (pakao – hell), the reason is entirely earthly. This Archipelago consists of 16 islands and, simply put, a haven. The islands are named after “paklina”, a type of pine raisin used in shipbuilding. The Archipelago has been protected since 1968 as a significant landscape by the Croatian Government.


Similar to Hvar, the sun shines at Pakleni islands for 2718 hours every year. Densely covered with Mediterranean vegetation, evergreen macchia, and forests of pine trees, and with that characteristic indented rocky coast, they form a most interesting, distinctive landscape. There are just a few places you will enjoy this much during a summer breeze. With Rosemary, chamomile, thyme, fennel, laurel, and other very well-known aromatic Mediterranean plants growing freely on the island the winds smell amazing.


Diving along the coast will leave you speechless. The underwater journey is among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. If in doubt where to jump in, choose the western part near Vodanjak and Sika, as they are abundantly inhabited. Pakleni islands are also the home to beautiful lighthouses, that keep everyone safe and on track.


The two celebrity places of the Pakleni must be Palmižana and Vinogradišće. Two coves protected from most winds and rough seas. ACI Marina Palmižana is located on the northeastern part of the St. Clement island and docks 200 boats. With rosemary growing on almost every slope of Palmižana, its second name, “The island of Rosemary” is well deserved. Palmižana is also home to botanical gardens full of beautiful, and for the area, exotic plants and herbs. It is, because of the intact nature and care the cuisine is deemed among the best in all of Dalmatia. Fresh seafood including fish, shellfish, lobster and scampi is perfectly paired and rounded off with fresh vegetables and herbs.


Although the islands have traces of life from prehistoric times they are today only occasional residences. Perhaps it is this why guests are treated like family here and encounter only kindness. With such a surrounding that the Pakleni islands offer, we are not the least surprised by the entirely and almost poetically positive vibes these islands emit.

Author: Žana Vragolov

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