As you have already decided to divide your time between different places rather than be stationed at one (we know; what a bore it has to be), Šipan has to be on your list of stops. We could try to describe the island in an old-fashioned way such as: “5 things why you have to visit Šipan” or “here are 10 reasons to visit this island”; but let’s put that idea to rest right now.


The largest of the Elaphiti archipelago will need your full attention, not because of its size but because of all its treasures. The ratio of the total number of inhabitants, square footage and the number of olive trees planted got the island into the Guinness world book of records. There is no other place in the world that has that many olive trees planted so densely. The past times of the Republic are still seen as clear as a summer day in the intact architecture of the country's summer estates of noble families. The houses in the ports on Šipan are built just by the sea. This is not unusual for old island settlements which were built at the tamest points. But, it is on Šipan they reflect most interestingly and beautifully, especially at nightfall. A reflection so vivid in color and texture you will have to take a few moments to take it in.


The south side of the island is steep and inaccessible which only means you will be able to watch all its natural, untouched beauty from the boat and perhaps make anchor at a small bay just to have a couple of quiet minutes surrounded by green and blue everything. On the opposite side, as it so often comes to be, nature is quite tame and accessible and perfect for walks and exploring. Nevertheless, you have to be careful when anchoring on the north side because it tends to be quite windy; unless there is no wind, then you are good to go. The southeast side of the island hides a treasure. The port of Suđurađ is a small one but is a perfect haven when the west winds blow. A shipwreck from the old Roman times has found its final resting place there. Special treats, at many places in the Dubrovnik area but in Dalmatia as well, are for sure homemade cheeses, fruit liqueurs, olives and pickled vegetables. These are the things you will find in abundance at Šipan. Small bays hide special surprises with terraces scattered around on large rocks just by the sea. The fish is fantastic. Just be sure to take your time and relax far away from the rush of everyday life.

Author: Žana Vragolov

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