From Pomena via Glavat to Lastovo, and our adventure continues. Well, maybe not Lastovo right away if you don’t want to. If ever you had trouble making a choice, this is the place you will break your head deciding but in a good way.


This archipelago will leave you coming back for more, made up of 46 islands, rocks, and reefs. Unique in many ways, this island was formed by nature alone because of its remoteness. The beaches are untamed, rocky, and embellished by cliffs surrounded by dense forests which offer shelter and rest in the hot summer sun. Life has been blooming here since the Neolithic age, which can be seen in the 800 different plant species that have been documented at the archipelago. Falcon and eagle communities, the unbelievably large number of underwater sea life including fish, corals, sponges, and dolphins. If you ever see one, you will surely see it here – the Adriatic monk seal, believed to be almost extinct. The sea around the island is so clean you will have trouble believing your eyes. Almost entirely seethrough, you will spot and follow the fish in their daily activities. Similar to Mljet, it is very densely forested. Almost 70 percent of the island is covered with green, and it was therefore proclaimed a nature park.


Lastovo is also known as the imperial island, where the emperors and czars dine. It is “easy” to achieve culinary perfection here as fresh fish, locally made olive oil and wine, and aromatic herbs are freely growing and flourishing. The cuisine style can be described as traditional but never simple in taste. The correct word for it would be exquisite.


Depending on the direction you are arriving from, you can choose from several anchorage options. The guarded inlet of the port Velji Lago is located on the northwest part of the main island. Its little brother Mali Lago and Zaklopatica are an option as well. While at any of these locations, feel free to explore. You could be surprised by your findings. History, tradition, and all the stories are just waiting to be heard, as well as some underwater spots waiting patiently for a knock on the periscope. The island's south side is home to a hidden port, but only in name. Skrivena Luka (Hidden port) is one of the bigger coves of the island and one of the most beautiful if we had to choose.


At nightfall on the island's highest point, mount Hum is where you will want to be. Lastovo is one of the least light-polluted places in the world and is deemed to have one of the darkest night skies in Europe. It is from mount Hum you can see as many as 219 million stars of the Milky Way. Because of it, the Lastovo night sky could be proclaimed the first Starry Night Sky Park in Europe.

Author: Žana Vragolov

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