Picking out a destination in Croatia isn’t easy; while going through the usual checklist of:

  • Clear blue seas
  • Picturesque sights that take the breath away 
  • Relaxing, soothing Mediterannean atmosphere You are on a good path of discovering many such places having picked a boat as your home during your holiday, so you have already seen that a lot of places meet those conditions. Nevertheless, the next stop we are making has to get your full attention. It won’t settle for anything less. {style="color: yellow"}


Located in a snug position on the Adriatic coast, remote enough to recharge your batteries and get you away from the hustle of modern life, while being close enough and filled with amenities aplenty to offer everything your heart might desire while on vacation you were looking for. Hvar strikes true for many types of visitors. Seekers of century-old culture will be greeted by the preserved Hvar Old Town; remains of fortresses, stone homes, and streets paved with stone older than time. Those seeking rest and relaxation can find that plenty of sun and sea in the so loved Mediterannean climate can do wonders for recharging, while they settle in with the island’s flow.

You can choose to stay next to the towns of Hvar and Sućuraj, having a quiet morning coffee and breakfast. You can explore the lush surroundings and beaches of Ivan Dolac and Zaraće. With many places to choose from, you can gravitate towards popular places or find your very own secluded cove and enjoy the solitude.


Many have taken in and discovered the delights Hvar and its surroundings offer. By being on a boat you will have all the privileges you need to discover the various beaches and coves, perfect for an afternoon alone, before deciding to mingle at the island’s hot spots. Alternatively, the island has trekking and hiking trails to offer for those seeking exploration of Hvar’s interior.


Whether it is relaxation, adventure, or just taking in the sights of the landscape and the Old Town, Hvar has you covered. Much more can be said, but nothing described can be paired with that personal experience of the island. Dipping your toes in the clear blue sea, lounging on the beach soaking in the sun during the day, letting loose in the bars and clubs during the night, this picturesque island has it all.

Author: Žana Vragolov

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