During the summer months, the winds blow relatively lightly. There are three dominant winds.


It blows mainly from the NW. Maestral is a sailor-friendly wind, bringing clear skies and pleasant days. It frequently blows from June to September, usually starting at 10:00, reaching 3-5 Beaufort, and dying away at sunset.


It blows mainly from S-SE. Široko/Jugo is the opposite of the Maestral, not only in direction but also bringing sultry weather, clouds, storms, and uncomfortable seas. It can reach gale force at times (mainly in the winter), but it rarely blows during summertime (June to September).


It blows mainly from N-NE. Bura can be very dangerous. It rarely lasts longer than a day in summertime and brings fine weather as the barometer rises.

Author: Pjero Kusijanović

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